Sulphur (S) is a chemical element and a copious, multivalent non-metal. Sulphur exists in various forms such as Recovered Sulphur (from Oil & Gas refining), Pyrite Sulphur, Mined Sulphur and Other forms (Smelter Acid), etc. Today, almost all elemental sulphur is produced as a by-product of removing sulphur containing contaminants from natural gas and petroleum.

Sulphur is widely used in industrial and consumer applications for a variety of functions. About 90% of Sulphur is used to produce Sulphuric acid which is further used for two major applications i.e. Fertilizer Production (As Phosphoric Acid) and for Metal leaching (Zinc, Copper, Nickel, etc.)

We mainly trade in Formed Sulphur (Granular/ Prilled/ Pellets), Crushed Lumps & Powder Sulphur.